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Since 2007, Le Virtu is our homage to Abruzzo, our place of family origin, constant inspiration, and part-time home. Italy’s wildest and greenest region, with over 30% of its territory designated parkland, it’s a place where traditions persist, resourcefulness and ingenuity reign, and hospitality is natural and freely given. Geographically in Central Italy but historically and culturally part of the South, the northernmost province of former southern kingdoms, the region is a melting pot and crossroads of Italian cuisine. Including the highest, most remote sections of the Apennines, a dramatic hill country of vineyards and olive groves, and 133 kilometers of Adriatic coastline, Abruzzo boasts a culinary palette singular in its diversity. It’s the cuisine of farmers, shepherds, and fisherman, rooted in the so-called “cucina povera,” a term of respect.  

But Le Virtu is also dedicated to the principles of sustainable and local farming, what they call in Italy “a kilometro zero” (ingredients sourced from less than a kilometer from the kitchen). We work closely with local farms who do things the right way. Local produce, meats (much of which is whole animal, butchered in house, with nothing tossed), and fish from the Jersey coastline. The area surrounding Philly is rich with responsible agriculture. We do our best to support it and bring the healthiest, most wholesome ingredients to you.

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Our kitchen is helmed by Chef Andrew Wood. Andrew - with his wife and pastry chef Kristin Wood – for 7 years owned and operated Center City’s much-lauded Russet, the local standard for sustainable farm-to-table dining and rustic elegance. He brings to Le Virtu an understanding of both Italian and French cuisine, respect for the “cucina povera,” a fierce dedication to quality local farms and suppliers, and a deeply personal approach to cooking. His mission and interests - in local and artisanal ingredients, simple dishes with clean, big flavors, preparations that leave nowhere to hide - mesh seamlessly with our own. Andrew’s career includes turns at Philadelphia’s Le Bec Fin and Fork, in Boston at Michael Schlow’s Radius, Tru in Chicago, Terra in Napa Valley, and Michelin-starred Quince in San Francisco. His menus will explore the diversity of Abruzzese and southern & central Italian cuisine from his unique perspective. They will change on the regular (sometimes even weekly), and not just seasonally. 

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We have, we believe, the best Italian wine list in the city, covering our regions of focus but also beyond, all from producers that are natural, organic, or biodynamic.  We also boast what might be the region’s largest collection of Italian amari and digestivi, including authentic, house-made Abruzzese examples. We've got a rotating selection of local artisanal and Italian beers, and an innovative cocktail program.  

The vibe at Le Virtu is comfortable, relaxed, unhurried, and unfussy. It’s the feel that best fits the region we honor and the South Philly neighborhood we call home.  




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